Movie on the Dike

July 1, 2016 @ 9:00 pm
Texas City Dike Beach
Dike Rd
Texas City, TX 77590
James Hartshorn
Movie on the Dike @ Texas City Dike Beach | Texas City | Texas | United States

Join us for the second Movie on the Dike of 2016! Bring out the whole family and enjoy great food, music, fireworks and a family-friendly movie. See you there!

Here is what you need to know:

1) The parking/seating area will open at 6pm.

2) The movie will start at 9:00pm. There are no fireworks this time since we are hosting a firework show on July 4th.

3) Per our license agreement we cannot disclose the title of the movie through facebook, but we can say that it is named after the holiday we celebrate on July 4th 🙂

4) The viewing area is for chairs and beach towels/blankets ONLY. You will not be able to see the movie well from the parking area (this is not a drive-in movie). Audio will be through a large speaker system that can be heard up to 300 feet from the screen.

The current vendors are:
– Ring of Fire Cookers (BBQ)
– Angie’s Cake Balls
– Duron Kettle Corn (kettle corn, popcorn, lemonade)
– Cabo Texas Grill
– Snowie Shaved Ice (snow cones)

6) If you decide to bring your own food and drink, DO NOT bring glass bottles or containers of any kind onto the beach.

6) There is no fee to watch the movie. However, you are still subject to the dike access fee unless you are a Texas City resident with a dike sticker on your vehicle. The rate is $5 per vehicle ($10 on holiday weekends). Still a very cheap date!

7) If you would like us to continue hosting these events, please be considerate and pick up your trash and the trash you see around you. There are extra trash bins and we will hand out grocery bags to make it even easier.

8) Have fun!